BFM-3310: Balloon Forming Machine

The Interface BFM-3310 Balloon Forming Machine is a computer-controlled system that expands upon a continued standard of excellence with ever-increasing capabilities and options. The BFM-3310 is a bench-top system designed to produce a variety of high-strength polymer balloons. The balloons are formed from precision extruded balloon tubing inside a beryllium copper mold. The BFM-3310 provides very accurate and repeatable control for processing high-quality balloons with tight tolerances in an extensive variety of sizes and shapes.

Key Features

  • Next generation Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) expanding overall programming controls
  • Color LCD touchscreen display with tilt adjustment
  • Real-time control and centralized display for all functions and parameters
  • Quick Release Brackets for rapid exchange of water jackets
  • Convenient Ethernet and USB port access
  • Storage capacity to support 100 balloon programs
  • Ethernet and USB port access
  • Top panel access to circuit breakers and service panel access to pressure controller for easier calibration
  • Heater current and water tank temperature monitors with alarms to safeguard production yields
  • Tiered level security:
  • Top-level access includes all balloon production parameters and limit settings for mid-level access
  • Mid-level access sets balloon production parameters based on allowed limit settings
  • Low-level access to preset balloon production parameters only
  • Safety compartment for cooling circuit
  • Programmable PID settings with auto-tune built-in for individual molds are now easily uploadable and downloadable to simplify setup and provide repeatable results


  • Parison deionizer
  • Light curtain safety cover
  • Bar code scanner


Standard Model (110 V):

Size range dependent on diameter and length (range of sizes based on water jacket availability)
Diameter: 0.5 to 6 mm
Length: 0.5 to 360 mm
Diameter: 6.5 to 18 mm
Length: 1 to 85 mm
Diameter: 18 to 52 mm
Length: 1 to 75 mm
110 V, 60 Hz
Up to 1,700 Watts

High-Power Model (230 V):

Full size range including larger diameter and high-pressure balloons
Diameter: 0.5 to 52 mm
Length: 0.5 to 360 mm
Includes high-pressure mold close
230 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Up to 3,300 Watts


64” L x 22” W x 21” H
1,625 mm x 560 mm x 535 mm
(23” H with safety cover)
(585 mm with safety cover)


~300 lbs (135 Kg)


Nylon, PEBAX®, polyurethane, PET, PE, polyamides, etc.

Forming Pressure:

Up to 1,000 psi (6.89 MPa) dry nitrogen

Compressed Air:

80 to 120 psi (0.55 to 0.83 MPa)