Catheter Tube Bonding Equipment

The catheter bonding solutions available through the MMT portfolio allow your operators and technicians to perform various tube-to-tube and balloon-to-tube bonds/welds with increased speed and accuracy. Our machine lines are accurate in both die and product positioning producing seamless bonds with precision. 

Thermal Bonding

Bond two products simultaneously with independent weld control.

Robust and stable thermal bonding machines are designed to provide the user with an effective and reliable bonding of a wide range of balloon and catheter components with minimal cost of ownership.

The BT-NG machine is a thermal bonding machine based on the hot-jaw principle. The small stainless steel dies used in the machines have accurate temperature control and heat up quickly.

Heat Setting Oven

Heat setting wrapped balloons at too high a temperature, such as those used for balloon forming, can lead to shrinkage and changes in mechanical properties. 

Tube Welding

The TBW-500 QX Tubing Welding Machine is a benchtop system that welds a variety of tubing sizes and materials. 

Split Die Bonder

CT Split Die Bonder enables for two catheter ends (made with similar materials) to be sealed together and encased in heat shrink, helping to provide consistency to the seal.


The CT HOTBOX configures with other CATH-TECH equipment products. The CT HOTBOX offers improved yields consistent with normal standards. It provides ideal product positioning of the thermal nozzle to give operators the capability to achieve highly precise tube and shaft bonds with increased reliability. It is useful in operating under strict process controls. Our Hotbox comes with compatible guide inserts, and modifications can be made on the Y and Z axis to refine accuracy and accommodate a wide variety of product configurations.