Device Assembly Services

As medical manufacturers, MMT’s competitive advantage with catheter component processing and assembly is our custom designed machines. MMT serves a variety of medical device OEMs, contract manufacturers, designers and researchers who are looking for high-quality clean room component and assembly services performed in the United States.


We pride ourselves in offering thoughtfully engineered manufacturing solutions to the entire spectrum of the device life cycle. MMT can support low-volume R&D applications but also challenging end-of-life applications, where OEMs or other contract manufacturers need manufacturing capacity or flexibility to maintain the proper economics.

Our ISO Class 7 cleanroom assembly area coupled with our in-house tooling, automation equipment and machining capabilities enable us to provide competitive pricing and lead times for fully assembled medical device components.

MMT is a capable supplier when it comes to components for your medical device assembly or component kit. Our customers further benefit from efficiencies when MMT can combine our unique manufacturing capabilities to provide turn-key solutions such as tubing cut to length, catheter hole drilling and punching, shaft tipping, marker band printing and bonding.