Driven to Continuous Advancement
& Responsible Stewardship

At MMT, we recognize our responsibility to society, both environmental and humanitarian aspects. We are dedicated to understand and honor differences, seek solutions, and minimize negative outcomes to the best of our ability. In this way, we aspire to meet the challenges of tomorrow with the relentless pursuit of excellence today.

Diversity + Racial Equity

At MMT, we want to ensure our employees reach their full potential in a diverse, inclusive, and supportive work environment. We want our team members to be authentic as they embrace their roles and face challenges. We respect ideas and create growth opportunities regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. We recognize the systemic racial injustices that plague large organizations globally and work earnestly to address and change them. We create opportunities for our employees and leadership teams to learn from, listen to and support our BIPOC and LGBTQIA colleagues as we all pursue respect, justice, equality, and peace in our communities and workplace.


We believe in being good environmental stewards by protecting our natural resources for future generations. MMT continuously evaluates the environmental and social impact of our products and global operations – from the impacts of our suppliers to our customers. We are committed to constantly monitoring all waste streams for recycling opportunities. We believe this will meaningfully reduce our landfill waste by 2024. 


One of MMT’s core tenets is maintaining a positive culture for our workforce, their families & communities – putting people first. We will perform annual culture surveys with focused improvement every year. We want all our employees to feel equal and free to express concerns, we ensure this through rigorous harassment training and hotline monitoring. We are continuously assessing how we can re-invest in our employees, their families & communities to build a better tomorrow. These objectives allow us to implement sustainability programs proactively, thus influencing our customers to join us in resource management.

Work With Us

As we journey down the path of continuous improvement, we are always looking for like-minded, diverse, and talented individuals to join us.