How We Work

Medical device manufacturing can be incredibly complex, with fragmented processed and precarious supply chains. MMT bridges the gap with our holistic approach to medical manufacturing.

Our vertically integrated business model and process integration streamlines product development and directly benefits our customers as they work to develop life-saving products.


Our knowledgeable teams and top-tier machining and equipment solutions help you achieve maximum throughput, supporting and sustaining your growth goals. We emphasize automation, process precision, and refinement to exceed quality standards in the medical industry – and beyond.


Whether you require additional technical capability, machining resources, or support staff to achieve your goals, MMT has the depth of talent and technology to realize your vision of success.



We embrace the pace of change driven by technology. At MMT, we harness automation to ensure consistency, maximum throughput, and unmatched precision. We provide comprehensive solutions to your most vexing challenges, such as manufacturing-as-a-service, applications engineering and proof of concept, and field services and support.


We specialize in assembly automation, tooling integration services, process design, software integration, and support across the product life cycle.

State-of-the-Art Medical Manufacturing Equipment

MMT develops material process application technology and machine solutions that transform ideas into life-saving commodities. Our full-system solutions include grinding, punching, machining, coil winding, slotting, printing, laminating, tipping, braiding, and catheter-specific technologies.

High-Quality Support Delivers High-Quality Customer Outcomes

From concept and commercialization planning sessions to assembly and aftermarket research, MMT provides the technical support and process refinement services that drive success for our partners. Whether you need OEM replacement parts or a robust support network, we’re your single source for optimizing operations, throughput, and production.

Engineered Equipment Solutions

Automation Services & Support

Tooling Integration Services & Support

Applications Engineering Support

Field Services & Support