Manufacturing for Medical and Beyond

MMT offers robust processes and technologies to our highly technological and complex manufacturing customers.

Recognized for our full suite of services, machines, processes, and automation solutions, our technical teams have proven track records in the medical device manufacturing vertical and beyond. Specifically, our customers count on the precision, consistency, predictability, reliability, and maximum yield they can achieve through our applications. Whether they serve the medical device manufacturing vertical, aerospace, automotive or a variety of other industries, our customers rely on the expertise of MMT and its subsidiaries to achieve their production goals.


At MMT, we are proud to deliver innovative manufacturing solutions to our customers who are discovering new technologies that improve lives.

Targeted Precision

Medical + Devices

In the high-stakes world of medical manufacturing, it’s critical to have an experienced partner with a deep bench of engineering talent and a suite of machining capabilities that can scale with your business. MMT’s experienced technical teams combine our process refinement capabilities and automation solutions to optimize production without compromising quality or reliability for our medical industry customers.

Aerospace + Defense

MMT offers machines and processes designed with intelligence, ease of use, and multiple part-per-cycle capability to support the production of aerospace and aerospace-grade components.

Consumer Goods

MMT has deep roots in the consumer goods industry, producing varied components ranging from golf ball cores to pen nibs and drumsticks.


MMT focuses on optimizing automotive production lines by offering automated solutions that process high precision components, from automotive fasteners to rocker pins.


For over 30 years, MMT has been developing manufacturing solutions for the production of metal components ranging from 60 to 80 Rockwell 1.25” stainless parts to 0.002” diameter titanium parts.

Mining & Energy

MMT maintains and develops fully automated, intelligent manufacturing processes and the specific machinery that aids in the extraction and refinement of mined materials.