Automated Medical Tubing Surface Roughening, Printing, Marking and Ablation Systems

Tubing-based medical device applications require methods to identify attributes and features of the device both interior or exterior to the body. SYNEO offers solutions to add those attributes to a device such as laser-marked or micro-blasted marker bands used for device attribute recognition and/or depth measurement while the device is inside the body, while laser-marked serialization promotes identification and device traceability outside the body.

Accu-Lase V200 & V200X

The UV Laser Workstations enable greater process capability in precision marking, tube cutting and complex hole making.

Accu-Blast CRS100

Surface modification through sandblasting can be an excellent alternative to traditional depth mark printing on catheters or guidewires.

Accu-Print PP Series

SYNEO Accu-Print Catheter Printing Systems combine SYNEO’s best-in-class tubing materials handling  and inspection techniques with pad and inkjet printing functions to meet precision printing specifications for unique medical devices.