Tooling Design Services

The design and quality of press tooling used to apply force are equally important as the force and position resolution used in the process. Draw upon SYNEO’s 60+ years in Press-Fit applications knowledge to get the tooling specified the first time correctly, reducing the risks of costly tooling iterations and additional supply chain management distractions.

SYNEO Press Tools

All press tools, connectors, custom connector pressing machines, press profiles, and board programs are stored, so future applications can be easily adapted from existing programs and transferred between machines in multi-machine arrangements. All these functions and our press-fit machine design services improve the versatility of the work cell and help prevent future errors by allowing users to utilize previously validated information.

SYNEO’s Press-Fit connector tooling design and connector press solutions are configured for Factory 4.0 connectivity and bring an advanced software suite to the end user, allowing any user to manage applications of the past, present, and future.