Tube Cutting Machines

The assembly process involves a cutting process from your extruded tubing and can be cut to a variety of sizes and within certain tolerances. These may need to be accomplished before any pieces enter the assembly process. We’ve automated the cutting process to make assembly easier and streamlined.

V Block Roller

The V-Block cutter ensures a more precise circumferential cut, around each tubing segment. This cut types enables a more even and cleaner cut all around the tube segment.

Cross Roller Cutter

The Cross Roller Cutter uses ball bearings for straight, exact cuts. This cutting system can be used with braided or non-braided tubing specifications and can be built with an internal pin to cut against it. 

Nano Cutter

The CT Nano Cutter ensures a more precise cut around each tubing segment and is designed specifically for smaller tubing diameters, otherwise known as micro-catheters. 

Guillotine Cutter

The CT Guillotine Cutter is a single cutting tool that is used to cut tubing to length.