UV Laser Marking Machine


The SYNEO Accu-Lase V200 Automated UV Laser Processing System allows for greater process capability in precision tube cutting of polyimide tubing and complex hole making, as well as polymer marking. The V200 is a fully-automated laser micromachining system, allowing the operator to batch load parts, which are singularly picked up and fed by a vacuum pickhead.

Key Features

  • UV laser – optimal for laser micromachining and laser cutting of polyimide parts 
  • Automatic mandrel insertion for tubing provides quality and helps protect opposite wall 
  • Precision handling of parts for repeatable features 
  • Vision system allows for easy viewing of the process 
  • Capable of complex shapes, marking and cutoff of polymers and metals 
  • Automatic feed from batch loading 

Universal Specifications

  • OD handling: 0.012-0.150″ (.304mm-3.81mm) 
  • Input length handling: 5-72″ (12.7cm-182.88cm) 
  • Marking speed: 0.196″ -39.370″ (5-1000mm/second) 
  • Wavelength: 355nm 

Typical Materials Processed

  • Marking
    • Plastic stick tubing 
    • Nitinol and stainless steel wires 
    • Coils 
    • Silicone 
  • Micromachining
    • Polyimide 
    • Pebax®