Visual, Mechanical and Electrical Surface Inspection Systems

Medical device industry quality practices remain dependent on operator-driven methods of inspection to identify flaws in braided or non-braided catheter-based products. Human hands or eyes continue to be relied upon to catch flaws in product that ultimately can become a medical device. SYNEO’s Accu-Test inspection options reduce the dependency on human factors while increasing the quality of the end product.

Accu-Test HVT

The Hydraulic Pressure Testers provide critical hydraulic test functions for balloon catheters and components, including tubing and balloons.

Accu-Test MIS

SYNEO’s custom Mechanical Inspection Systems are utilized in applications requiring detection or quality assessments of surface roughness, typically found in combination with micro-blasting or other surface roughening applications.

Accu-Test VIS

SYNEO’s custom Vision Inspection Systems are utilized in applications requiring detection or quality assessments of holes, marker bands, tip profiles and printed text or feature verification.