AEP Connector Press Series

SYNEO offers a tiered range of automatic servo electric connector presses designed to insert compliant pin connectors into printed circuit boards. Each SYNEO automatic Press-Fit machine is programmed and operated via a dedicated PC, that can be directly programmed or can also utilize a remote programming workstation that supports multi-machine configurations.

Field Services

SYNEO’s high-resolution press position feedback (0.001mm true Z-Axis resolution) closely monitors pressing force (even below 1lb) in real time, allowing an operator to be immediately aware of a problem such as a bent pin, an oversized PCB hole, or an incorrectly positioned connector during the press cycle. Instantaneous feedback for board problems improves resolution in quality assurance, improving yield metrics while reducing operating costs.

All press programs, connectors, board layouts, press profiles, and tool part numbers can be stored, so future applications can be easily adapted from existing programs and transferred between machines in multi-machine arrangements. All these functions improve the versatility of the work cell and help prevent future careless errors by allowing users to utilize previously validated information.

SYNEO automated electric press machines are 100% compatible with pick and place equipment or complex transport equipment, providing further opportunities for PCB assembly automation. Utilizing application-specific press and board support tooling desiged by SYNEO’s technical team, users can have high-confidence that press profiles and are correct, limiting risks for process validation delays and variances.


Automated servo electric press machine system suited for dedicated applications consisting of “flat rock” style connector pressing; in-line process; mid to high volume; single to low mix applications Key Specifications: Max connector size 275mm, Max Board Size 350mm X 600mm


Fully-automated for midplane and backplane PCBs; inline or standalone; mid to high volume, mid to high mix applications Key Specifications: Max Connector Size 150mm X 50mm, Board Size 914mm X 610mm


Fully-automated for midplane and large backplane PCBs and multi-up fixtured PCBAs; mid to high volume; mid to high mix applications Key Specifications: Max Connector Size 380mm X 50mm, Board Size 1200mm X 900mm Specifications